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The Geisha Anorak

One thing I do not do is walk on eggshells.

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Shigatsuhana's House

One thing I do not do is walk on eggshells.

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Hello folks!

For starters life has been pretty darn good! The trip to Venice in July was spectacular. I loved it so much, I'm dragging my husband there in November for a long weekend. Pics on my flickr account if your interested. 

Monday I finally passed my UK driving test and am now an official UK driver. What a faff. I've had my American license for 22 years now and it isn't any good here unless I go home and come back again and then it's only good for a year. If I had been born 50 miles north just over the border in Canada I wouldn't have had to take a test because a Canadian license here is fine. WTF? How stupid! Just because we dumped a little tea and told King George III to stuff it more than 200 years ago! LOL! Anywho this was the second time I took the test. I have had a provisional license since 2004 when I could be bothered.  I have been the queen of procrastination here. LOL!  I finally took the theory test back in June 2006. After you take the theory test you have 2 years to do your practical. I waited til the last moment to take my test and promptly failed it. I was far too stressed over it and not surprised to fail. I failed because I got in the wrong lane on a roundabout. I really hate driving tests! It took me three times to get my American one because I get too darn nervous. Believe it or not I am a good driver. It even says "Safe Driver" on my license.  So I re-took my theory test exam last August. And once again procrastinated about getting an instructor. So, finally when my social engagements were winding down for the summer I found myself a very good instructor and started to unlearn all of my bad habbits and learn the English way.  So the day of reckoning came earlier this week and I managed to pass it. The examinor was very kind and chatty with me. I thought I had failed it within the first 5 minutes since I nicked a curb. I thought to myself I'm just going to keep going and do my best. So before I pulled in I'd made a comment to the effect that I knew I'd failed and I'll just keep taking the test until I pass. The examinor told me not to be so hard on myself because I'd passed! Wow! What a pleasant surprise. So I'm off to Alton Towers this weekend with one of my collegues! Whoot!

Now for the niggling crap. A certain member of my family recently added me on Facebook. They promptly responded to my thread about passing my test and made a snide remark about my driving in the US when they had never actually been a passenger of mine. So I made said snide comment back. This person got all on the defensive, couldn't take a joke back and has dropped me from their friends list. Good grief! Last time I checked, I am 40 and said person is over 60 years of age. Do we really have to pretend it's high school and walk on eggshells? Nope! Not me. I'm not the insecure person I used to be. I'm well in control of my life and don't need to take crap from anyone anymore. Get a grip people! I've moved on, so should you! Just because you used to snap your fingers and tell me to jump, doesn't mean I'm doing that anymore! I don't have to take any garbage from anyone anymore.

Ok, rant over. Continue to normal programming. :)

On a lighter note I'm going to the Isle of Wight for a week at the end of the month. I so need a holiday!
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