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Yes, I'm still alive!

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Yes, I'm still alive!

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I've just been so busy with other things in real life that I always forget to come here. I've had lots of kimono outings over the summer and if you're creative enough or care, I'm sure you'll find pictures of me in internet land somewhere.

My biggest news of recent times is that I finally met Duran Duran. I have been a big fan since I was 13 years old and now I'm 40 something ok? Anyways, they were great. It was so nice to finally get to talk to my teenage idols. And I don't think I would have appreciated it as much when I was 16. I would have been star-struck and tongue-tied. But now, I've mellowed, I've calmed down and I could have a decent conversation with them. It was great to reminisce with them about the old days. LOL! Yes, folks! My first Duran Duran concert was in February 1984 in Seattle. I was 15 and it was the first rock concert I'd ever been to.

Duran Duran were in Birmingham doing a concert with Mark Ronson. I found out about the concert the night before and couldn't find that there were any tickets so I didn't decide to pursue the matter. The next day I tried to find out if they were doing any signings and couldn't find any. Just by luck I happened to walk down the right street after work and saw a long queue outside of Swordfish records. So, I asked the people in the queue if they were here to see Mark Ronson, they said yes. I then asked if DD would be here too, they said yes. I then phoned my husband and told him I'd be late coming home. He asked me if I was going to be a groupie! I proudly answered yes, and did he have a problem with that?! LOL!  Stood in said queue for more than two hours but met nice and interesting people along the way. Funny how old one can feel when most of the people in the queue were there for Mark Ronson and they didn't really know or remember which band was Duran Duran. Thanks to the trusty i-pod that was sorted along with the responses, Oh yeah, I know who they are now!

I had a quick peek through the window and suddenly got very giddy at the prospect of seeing the guys. Unfortunately since I didn't expect I was going to meet DD, I only had my diary for 2011 on me for them to sign on. The possibilities were endless if I would have prepared.
When I approached Nick I told him about my being at their concert in Seattle in 1984.  All of their ears perked up and they said Really??? You could see the quick look of nostalgia on their faces of a time long ago when the hysteria started. Mark Ronson was next to Nick but he was busy signing a stack of vinyl someone had brought in so I skipped him for later. Next was Simon. He was quiet and didn't say much. Then John...sigh....my favourite. Hahaha! I then told him about the concert in Seattle. He said, "Oh yeah! I remember Seattle. The Seven and the Ragged Tiger Tour. That was wild." I said "Yes, it was. I never screamed so much in my life. And by the way I apologise for the potential loss of your hearing." He laughed. I then told him that we were just priming him for going to LA which they did two days later. He said, "That was the beginning of it all wasn't it?" I agreed. Next was Roger. We had a chat about the differences/similarities in the weather between Seattle and the UK. Typically English, right! I told him that when I first moved to Birmingham my friends accused me of moving here just because it was Duran Duran's hometown. LOL!

I was at the back of the queue so I was able to get some pictures. I got a really nice one of me and Mark Ronson. I teased him and called him "My fellow American."  The one of me and John didn't turn out so well, but no matter, it's us! It took a while to wipe the smile from my face. What a great meeting. I won't say that "I can die happy now." because that is just silly. What I can do is check a big ol' mark off the bucket list! :D
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