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The Geisha Anorak

I am confused...

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Shigatsuhana's House

I am confused...

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I find it very sad when I hear so many people saying "For the first time in my life I feel proud to be an American."

Why? Because there is someone different in the White House?! What difference should that make in YOU? Being proud to be an American should come from within and the acts that you do, not what others do! As an American living in a foreign country, I always feel proud to be an American. It's who I am, not who's in government! It's how I treat other people, and how I represent my country, not someone I don't know who cares little about me as an individual. I may like or dislike what's going on politically in my own country but that's no excuse to feel poorly about myself or my fellow countrymen!  Being American is who I am, not what someone makes me. I have a sense of pride for the country, not the politics.

Don't get me wrong, the government of America has made plenty of mistakes globally! That is politicians making those choices, not me! I never feel personally embarrassed or responsible because of what some twit in the White House does! My life would be a rollercoaster of emotions if I only felt proud of who I was when there is a change in the government!

Look inside yourself and find out who you are, and feel proud of yourself regardless of what nationality you are or who governs your country! You can be proud of other people for making real changes, or being a hero, etc.

Ok... rant over....resume normal programming.
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