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The Geisha Anorak

Tokyo City Promotion - The photos

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Shigatsuhana's House

Tokyo City Promotion - The photos

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We had a great time in London for the Tokyo City promotion day! It was fun having so many dressed in kimono. We got quite a lot of attention and many photos were taken of us. There weren't quite as many booths as I'd hoped, but we stil had fun. The kanzashi maker was very popular. After the event we went to JapanCentre in Piccadilly for a lovely Japanese meal. This is the first time I've eaten in a Japanese restaurant in kimono! Yay! I'm glad this event took place on Saturday because now London is under a very heavy blanket of snow. 12 inches in some parts which is a rare occurance indeed. Only 5 inches at my house at it's peak. Enjoy!

This isn't all of us, there were two more dressed in kimono. The lady on the end in Furisode was a nihon buyo dancer.

Hong doing the maneki neko sign. Our kimono gang symbol!

A lovely lady part of an ensemble playing the shamisen.

A woodblock carver.

The kanzashi maker's stand.

You can see more photos from the event here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shigatsuhana/sets/72157613184125229/

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